Rockley Photonics, a leader in integrated optics for high-density systems, today announced the availability of its high-performance and highly integrated distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser solution for sensing, 3D imaging and other applications that demand high-volume manufacturing.

The laser was developed as part of the company’s silicon photonics platform and designed for integration alongside other specifically developed native components such as modulators, SOAs (semiconductor optical amplifiers), multiplexors, detectors, VOAs and low-loss fiber and free-space interfaces among others for highly integrated solutions. Adding to the laser’s versatility is its multi-channel capability delivering numerous individually engineered and controllable beams (1, 4, 8…) from a single device. It can be specified in various wavelength grids including the 15XX band and with higher channel count as required.

Its optical bandwidth in the “eye-safe” region make it ideal for free-space sensing applications. A narrow linewidth supports ranges over a kilometer and extremely high-resolution imaging. This laser is tunable, supporting applications with high density and broadband requirements, and it has been designed for non-hermetic packaging. As a discreet component, it is available in die or packaged formats.

“Numerous applications – from consumer electronics to vehicle sensing – are driving increasing volume demands for high-performance lasers,” said Andrew Rickman, chief executive officer and chairman, Rockley Photonics. “Current products on the market limit production scalability because they have to be redesigned for each sensing application and suffer from poor manufacturing tolerance. We have addressed those key scalability issues with a unified and comprehensive laser product.”

While Rockley Photonics’ DBR laser is designed for high-volume manufacture, it doesn’t compromise form-factor or performance – characteristics that are traditionally highly dependent on the light source and means of integration.

“Our technology simplifies the manufacturing, assembly, and test process while maximizing the power efficiency of the optical system. The combined platform attributes represent the holy-grail of integrated photonics, which puts us in a unique position in the industry,” concluded Rickman.

Rockley Photonics Multi-Channel DBR Laser Packaged

Rockley Photonics LiDAR Engine Schematic