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Continuous Spectral Data For Actionable Insights

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First-of-Its-Kind Infrared Biosensing Wristband Built For Your Target Solution

Rockley’s Bioptx Biosensing Band represents a new class of wearable infrared spectroscopic biosensing device, with enhanced health monitoring capabilities and a flexible design that’s appropriate for a multitude of applications and uses, such as general health and wellness.

The Bioptx band is the first integrated wearable device to combine Rockley’s proprietary infrared (IR) laser sensing technology, visible photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensors, and software-configurable proprietary algorithms, enabling the ability to detect and measure multiple biomarkers.

The insights provided by the Bioptx band have the potential to support and improve a variety of healthcare treatments and fitness regimens — such as remote patient monitoring, evaluating the impact of exercises and medical therapies, or managing chronic conditions.


Expanded measurement

Rockley’s clinic-on-the-wrist™ technology has the potential to significantly enhance the range of biomarkers that can be detected and measured by a single wearable device.


Expanded insights

These measurements could provide near-real-time insights into a variety of conditions and help both patients and health care providers make better-informed decisions.


Expanded Analysis

Rockley’s cloud analytics and AI will allow providers to analyze biomarker information, monitor general health conditions, and track health metrics.

Key Features

SWIR Sensor Technology

Rockley has developed proprietary spectrophotometer technology by integrating numerous lasers onto a single silicon platform. Our spectrophotometer expands the range of wavelengths into short-wave infrared region.

Spectra-Based Biomarkers

With the ability to probe beneath the skin surface – milimeters into the dermis – Rockley’s spectrophotometer can monitor analytes in the interstitial space. To be able continuously and non-invasively collect spectral data from an immediate space between blood vessels and cells is unprecedented. This data is unique to Rockley and has allowed us to learn more about key vitals such as body temperature and body hydration.

Flexible Integration Approach

Bioptx solution consists of a wearable device supported by a cloud ecosystem to deliver key insights. Rockley offers customized solutions for customers.

Customizable Functionality

The Bioptx band features a flexible hardware design that supports a range of software stacks that can be customized to address the specific needs of various customers.

Upgradeable Functionality

The Bioptx band supports over-the-air firmware upgrades to enhance detection algorithms or add new biomarker detection capabilities as they become available.

Technical Specifications


Body Hydration

An index for classification of various hydration states

Body Temperature

Absolute and trending temperature across range of 35-40⁰C with ±0.5⁰C accuracy

Heart Rate

≤3 bpm in resting condition and ≤5 bpm during physical activity across range of 20-250 bpm

Heart Rate Variability

≤5% accuracy in normal sinus rhythm during resting conditions across range of 0-300 ms

Respiratory Rate

≤±3 bpm accuracy in resting condition across range of 4-40 bpm

Blood Oxygen Saturation

≤±5% in resting condition across range of 70-100%



45.5 x 41.5 x 15 mm​



Case material

Stainless-steel and plastic​

Strap material

Interchangeable synthetic fabric or silicone​ strap


Battery type

3.8V 550mAh Li-ion​

Suggest Battery Charge

2-3 hours

Suggested Battery Life

2-3 days​



Bluetooth​ Low Energy

Wireless range


Mobile OS supported

iOS, Android


Infrared sensor

36 wavelengths

PPG sensor

Green, Red, Infrared LEDs


MEMS 3-axis

Environment and Operating Conditions

Ingress protection


Storage conditions

Temperature: -20 to 60⁰C • Humidity: 95% non-condensing • Altitude: up to 5000m

Operating conditions

Temperature: 0 to 40⁰C • Humidity: 95% non-condensing • Altitude up to 3657m



1 year standard

Looking Ahead

At Rockley we believe the future is clinical. We continue to challenge current technology limitations as we innovate new solutions. We anticipate that our next generation of wearables will be medical grade, providing useful health data and insights to our customers.

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