Photonics Applied

Driving multiple high-growth applications

Rockley’s high-volume silicon photonics platform technology has been designed from the ground up to capture the optimal features needed for photons to work together with electrons. The unified strength of these two working in concert is generating product solutions with increased functionality and performance, while greatly reducing cost, power, and system complexity.

Healthcare & Wellbeing

Rockley is breaking new ground in delivering integrated optics for multi-application, health-related sensing and monitoring applications. Personalized monitoring of multiple biophysical and biochemical biomarkers enabled by the high-density optical integration capabilities of the platform will revolutionize the way we look after our health and wellbeing. The ability to bring laboratory diagnostics to the wrist, and point-of-care solutions will transform patient monitoring and healthcare delivery.

Data Communications

Data center server interconnect communications power the nerve center of the digital economy. Business, entertainment, vital medical research, and increasingly all aspects of everyday life are all somehow connected to hyperscale data centers. Whether incorporating pluggable transceivers or Rockley’s thought leadership in co-packaged optics, hyperscalers will benefit from drastic power requirement reductions and increased speed and interconnect density capabilities.

Machine Vision

Rockley’s silicon photonic platform is ideally suited for delivering the sensing solutions needed for environmental perception and the monitoring functions necessary in industrial automation, safety, and autonomous applications. Finely tuned light, delivered through a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) via a free space aperture or fiber optic interconnect with accompanying detection receiver capabilities, enables game-changing capabilities such as frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) LiDAR for automotive safety solutions.

With the flexibility and power of an innovative platform that drives multiple applications, Rockley is positioned to be the leading supplier of integrated optical components for dynamic, high-growth market sectors, including consumer sensors, healthcare, and data communications.

We have offices in California, Finland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom .

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