About Us

Driven by the power of light

With the flexibility and power of a unique platform to drive multiple applications, Rockley’s mission is to be the leading global supplier of integrated optical chips and modules across multiple markets. Our focus is on healthcare, wearables, and machine vision — and the hyper-scale data center connectivity that allows them to seamlessly work together.

Focused on high-volume applications from the very start, Rockley has built a manufacturing ecosystem for rapid scalability, using our proprietary process flows.

Our driving vision: Photonics as pervasive as micro-electronics.

Our Commitment to Quality

Achieving this vision will require a strict adherence to the highest standards of quality. Rockley has adopted a comprehensive quality policy and is working on ISO 9001:2015 certification.



Rockley Photonics was founded by Dr. Andrew Rickman, a recognized pioneer in silicon photonics.

In 1988, Andrew founded Bookham Inc, the first company to commercialize silicon photonics. The Bookham silicon photonics platform spearheaded fundamental innovation in the photonics component field, enabling volume scale-manufacture of silicon waveguide-enabled devices. The company held a successful IPO in 2000.

In 2008, Andrew became the Chairman of Kotura, which drove key advancements in the integration of high-speed devices into silicon photonics. The company was successfully sold to Mellanox Technologies.

In 2013, Andrew established Rockley Photonics, with a vision to build a unified silicon photonics process, engineered from the ground up for high-volume manufacture and with core capabilities suitable for broad market applications, ranging from consumer to communications. Following a multi-year development of the core technology, Rockley is now productizing its innovations with leading partners in multiple high-growth markets.