Rockley Photonics Begins Sampling Bioptx™ Biosensing Band and Platform

  • Rockley begins sampling the BioptxTM for continuous, non-invasive health monitoring with expanded spectroscopy-based biomarkers of hydration and body temperature.
  • BioptxTM platform combines the breakthrough biosensing capabilities of Rockley’s BioptxTM Biosensing Band with the recently released Rockley Developer API for cloud connectivity and software integration.
  • Rockley has demonstrated integration of the miniature short-wave infrared (SWIR) laser-based spectroscopy biosensing alongside conventional LED-based photoplethysmography (PPG) biosensing, enabling a new category of non-invasive biosensing in a wearable form factor.

OXFORD, England, and IRVINE and PASADENA, Calif. December 5, 2023.   Rockley Photonics has announced the sampling of the complete Bioptx™ Biosensing Band and Platform to strategic customers and partners.
The BioptxTM Biosensing Band incorporates Rockley’s breakthrough short-wave infrared (SWIR) biosensing technology based on their proprietary photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chipset. By incorporating the SWIR spectrophotometer into a wearable capable of several days of measurement, Rockley has demonstrated continuous collection of spectral data which provides unique insights into tissue composition and dynamics.

The platform delivers real-time streaming of the SWIR-based biomarkers of body temperature and hydration, alongside the LED-based photoplethysmography () biomarkers of heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation. Combined with the recently released Rockley Developer API, the platform creates a seamless solution for real-time monitoring of vital physiologic parameters.

Dr. Stavros Kavouras, a Professor of Nutrition at the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University and founding director of the Hydration Science Lab, which studies how water intake impacts health and performance, commented on the novel hydration biomarker that Rockley Photonics is developing. “Hydration is an underutilized biomarker that is critical for monitoring of both acute dehydration, such as in athletes, and chronic dehydration or under-hydration affecting metabolic, cognitive, cardiovascular, and renal health. By creating a spectroscopy-based technique to indicate hydration status, Rockley Photonics is developing an innovative new capability to improve people’s health and wellbeing.”

Dr. Andrew Rickman, CEO and Chairman, spoke regarding this significant product milestone. “We are thrilled to usher in the next generation of health monitoring with wearable laser-based technology. Rockley has created the full technology stack from the design of the PIC, which forms the miniature spectrophotometer, to the full wearable integration and novel biomarker delivery. We have significantly progressed the SWIR-tissue measurement science and biomarker algorithms through IRB-approved human studies. As we have recently demonstrated with our non-invasive glucose sensing and cuffless blood pressure studies, laser-based biosensors will continue to expand and enhance our understanding of human health.”

About Rockley Photonics

Rockley is a global leader in photonics-based health monitoring, invested in discovering new ways to measure important biometrics using novel sensing techniques. Rockley is developing a comprehensive range of photonic integrated circuits, sensors, and full-stack solutions. From next-generation biosensing platforms to mobile health monitoring, Rockley is laying the foundation for a new era of precision medicine.

Rockley believes that photonics will eventually become as pervasive as micro-electronics and has developed a platform with the power and flexibility needed to address the medical device and technology market through a wide variety of vertical applications.

The company has partnered with numerous tier-1 customers, spanning a range of industries to deliver the complex optical systems required to bring transformational products to life. Rockley is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with photonics technology to create new solutions for a wide range of comprehensive monitoring applications, with an aim to revolutionize how people manage their health.

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