The Future of Health Insights

Rockley’s ground-breaking short-wave infrared (SWIR) biosensing solution unlocks unique spectra-based biomarkers enabling insights into personal health and well-being. Founded by an incredible team with a vision to change all our lives, Rockley’s technology platform enables continuous monitoring of critical biomarkers through a wearable device.

* The insights provided are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or be used for any other medical purpose. They are intended to help people manage their well-being and keep track of their personal information.The biomarker sensing capabilities are in various stages of development. Contact us to learn more about module features and availability.

Non-invasive and continuous biosensing from a new generation of wearable device.

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Our end-to-end biosensing platform supports a range of health monitoring applications.

By miniaturizing the capabilities of lab-based spectroscopy equipment, our photonics-based solutions look into the body non-invasively to continuously measure vital health biomarkers and provide a rich health fingerprint of an individual.

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A Unique Set of Biosensing Capabilities

Continuous, Non-Invasive Sensing

Our sensors non-invasively probe into dermis in the interstitial space to analyze analytes and biological molecules of interest.

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Measurement of Multiple Biomarkers

Our numerous infrared lasers significantly expand the range of biomarkers that can be measured non-invasively beyond standard LED wavelengths.

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Clinic-on-the-Wrist™ Miniaturization

Our miniaturized chip solution measures key analytes that have historically been a snapshot measurement using lab-based benchtop equipment.

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Customizable Integration Pathways

Our line-up offers a range of products and services, from chipsets, reference designs, and wristbands to algorithms and AI toolkits.

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An Unmatched Combination of Game-Changing Technologies

World-Class Silicon Photonics

With extensive experience in silicon photonics, we have developed a sophisticated technology platform that would be hard to replicate.

Photonics-Driven Sensing

The power of photonics allows us to generate multiple discrete laser lines across a broad spectrum, enabling the measurement of numerous biomarkers from a single chip.

Unique Health Insights

By continuously monitoring multiple biomarkers throughout the day, our biosensing platform provides a unique perspective on a person’s health and well-being.

Advanced Data Analytics and AI

Our cloud-based analytics and AI examine the large datasets produced by our unique biosensing solutions to develop a holistic assessment of a person’s health.

Optimized Electronics

Our technology platform has been optimized for photonics performance while incorporating novel features to allow for easier integration and packaging.

Volume Manufacturing Scalability

Our multi-micron waveguide platform offers fundamental benefits over conventional solutions, increasing performance and efficiency while reducing cost.

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