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Rockley’s revolutionary healthcare monitoring sensors are compact, non-invasive, and offer unparalleled real-time analytical capabilities.

Lighting the way to new possibilities

Rockley’s innovative technology platform has the power to transform markets, making you rethink what is possible today.

A complete photonic platform for multiple applications

& Wellbeing

Our revolutionary range of sensing chipsets and modules offer unparalleled real-time analytical performance, truly bringing clinical testing capabilities to hand-held and wearable devices. Compact platform integration of multiple optical components delivers cost-effective, non-invasive sensors that can collect comprehensive health and wellness data sets for a multitude of consumer and professional healthcare applications.


Rockley’s optical integration of key sensor building blocks within our platform architecture fulfills the promise of high performance in a compact, robust, and cost-effective sensing module. Applications include LiDAR for autonomous vehicles and many other machine vision applications for industrial and environmental sensing.

Datacom Transceiver

Rockley Photonics chipsets deliver best-in-class performance for advanced interconnect applications and industry-standard pluggable transceiver modules. Our intra-datacenter connection solutions allow our partners to realize significant power savings while still accommodating the needs for increased speed and higher data volumes.


Rockley technology empowers networking ASIC designers/architects to bring fiber-optic links directly into the package for their next-generation designs. With a unique integration architecture focused on volume manufacturability plus photonics technology that emphasizes low power and cost efficiency, Rockley is paving the way for the next generation of high-speed interfaces.