Next generation data centre networking

Scalability is becoming an increasingly problematic and complex issue and network equipment needs to play a more central role in enabling continued economical and ecological expansion of the Internet’s nerve centre – the megascale data centres. Driven by Moore’s Law, the microelectronics industry has continually pushed down the cost of compute, but data centre operators face a technically challenging and costly future as they try to keep pace with evolving data centre network infrastructure requirements.

While data centres have, thus far, managed to keep pace with the vast quantities of data being generated, processed and stored, they are doing so at enormous cost and the expenditures are predicted to continue their intense growth curve as bandwidth demands show no signs of leveling in the foreseeable future. 

Writing in DCS Europe, Greg Finn, VP Business Development and co-founder of Rockley Photonics, explains how new thinking at the heart of the network will have the ability to transform the future design of data centres.

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